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Flash Brighton ZX Spectrum Emulator

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As I have always maintained, Elite on the ZX Spectrum was the greatest game ever made. Why anybody bothered to continue making computer games after this was released I don’t know, because nothing has ever come close to the level of absorption found in Braben and Bell’s mathematically generated universe.

So, unsurprising, I was very excited by the project Tom at Flexible Factory has been working on recently. He has reverse-engineered the open source Jasper emulator, originally written in Java, and rebuilt it in ActionScript 3. From Tom’s account this sounds like it involved some pretty hardcore coding, but I’m glad he persevered as now we have Flasper, the Flash ZX Spectrum Emulator. It’s light weight, can be easily embedded in a browser, and it ROCKS!

Tom demoed this for the first time last night at Flash Brighton, the regular get together of the local Flash talent. Every time I attend one of these meeting I find myself blown away by the range and quality of work being produced across our small collective. It can be quite intimidating, I mean, if all you can show from your recent work is some pretty fractal effects, how do you follow a guy who’s been mapping and simulating the brain of a snail (Hi Peter).

Last night we also saw some sweet animation, an AIR Twitter app, and a Flash/ASP project called Communicator World, the work of unwrong, an Edinburgh company who have just moved down to Brighton. Welcome to the south coast guys, I think you’ll be right at home here.

But everyone’s work was great, so I shouldn’t single anyone out. The full list of last night’s exhibitors is on the Flash Brighton site.

posted September 19th, 2007

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Tim said...

Nah, the best game ever was Elite on the BBC Micro ;-)

Though arguably the Archimedes/RISC OS version was the best version of Elite ever, but the original Beeb version was the true classic that started it all.

Anyway, I wonder if being Flash this will play on the Wii browser?

SuperJake said...

I happily agree with the opion that Elite is the best ever computer game.

I cannot, however, get your version here to work fully as I canĀ“t get the decrease speed key to work…..

any ideas?

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