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Flash Isometric 3D World Builder

Progress with my Isometric Engine has been slow to static, seeing how I only ever seem to spend a day every six months or so on it (damn you paid work). But every time I play with it I come up with something cool to share, so now, if you have five minutes to kill, you can have a play with my isometric world builder.

Within the cube you create your own isometric spaces and structures, and rotate and zoom around them. Click on the image to launch, and have a play around.

There will, inevitably, be a game built with this thing one day soon, so this will be the level editor. If you come up with anything cool-looking feel free to email the XML to me, or post it below. With any luck, if the credit crunch starts biting and the work dries up, I may find a day free to finish the physics sometime in the next year. Don’t hold your breath though.

posted September 9th, 2008

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admin said...


RoePipi said...

Thanks man, just in time! I was about starting a war for an isometric map editor which could be used to make a summary map like the one for Head over Heels!

Your efforts are already paid back.

Okay, I’ll drop you a note if I build something with it.

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