Freelance programming services.

Brighton, London & the South East.

PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, WebGL, JQuery, Processing.js, Three.js,
ActionScript, Flash, Flex, AIR, Away3d,
Processing, OpenFrameworks, C++, OpenCV, OpenNI, OpenKinect, Android, iOS, PhoneGap, HTML5, Unity.

Technical project management.
Cross platform device strategies.
Creative coding.

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Covering Brighton, London & the South East

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To date I have completed over 92 projects

Which include ...
... 15 rich media apps
... 17 games
... 13 informational systems
... 5 mobile projects
... 32 websites
... 13 installations
... 4 video / performance projects
... 6 managerial / consultancy gigs
... and others.

My work has also won a bunch of awards

2012 Cannes Design Lions (shortlist)
2012 AIMIA Innovation award (finalist)
2011 Create Design award
2011 Bronze MUSE award
2010 Alys Beach Digital Graffiti (finalist)
2008 DiMAS award
2004 Gold MUSE award
2004 Horizon Interactive award
2003 BAFTA (nominated)
2002 Bronze MUSE award

A few tutorials I've written

Generative Art in HTML5
Generative Art using Processing (book)
ActionScript and the Twitter API, Simplified
Fractals in ActionScript 3
Flash Accessibility

RIP, actionscripter blog, 2006-2010. Archived here.

My old Isometric Game Engine


"Matt was instrumental in driving forward a development strategy for our in-house tools that really acknowledged and met the needs of the day-to-day users. This very focussed effort has enabled us to realise operational efficiencies that were simply not possible before. Matt's enthusiasm for promoting new ideas and technologies within the organisation has also been a very positive force within Futuremedia, and I am certain he will be an asset to any company that values clear, strategic thinking around its use of technology."
Laurence Scotford, Head of Learning Design, Futuremedia plc

"Matt has a rare combination of strong creative and technical abilities, and his contribution to the multimedia projects that I was involved with was always outstanding."
Jason Ryan, Production Director / Information Architect, Cogapp

"Matt was employed as Head of Development, charged with managing up to 8 developers, as well as ensuring the timely deliverance of up to 30 concurrent projects. Matt's technical ability combined with his creative insight was key to us delivering projects to time and budget and would highly recommend him as a trused and hard working employee."
Marc van den Berg, Vice President Operations, Futuremedia plc

"Matt has been a regular contributor here at FutureDeluxe for a while now. His rare ability to turn ideas into reality all with the ease of an 'anything is possible' approach is a one of a kind skill."
Andrew Jones, Creative Director, FutureDeluxe

"Matt is not only a talented programmer but he also brings a wide range of other interests and skills to his work. This combination means that he has been an excellent technical and creative asset across a wide range of projects. I would be delighted to work with him again, and I'm pleased to have the opportunity to recommend him here."
Rory Matthews, Creative Director/Design Director, Cogapp

"Over the last 3 years Matt has helped us create and develop our online book creator application in Adobe FB. From the very beginning his quick insights to our requirements, project management and technical expertise have meant we have a robust, fully functional application that is helping to grow our business."
Hugh Speirs, Director, Cauliflower Cards Ltd

"Matt is thoughtful, knowledgable and possesses an exceptional understanding of the future of digital media. He is well liked by friends and colleagues and admired for his level-headedness and unflinching honesty. I would hire him in a second for any role requiring both pragmatic ability and a team-player mentality."
- Edward Silverton, Owner, Unwrong

"Matt is one of most gracious, talented technical directors I have ever worked with. At ease with clients, Matt is highly creative and a brilliant asset to any team. The quality of his award-winning work speaks for itself. Gold dust."
Rifa Bhunnoo, Producer, Littleloud